Welcome, Bienvenidos, Bienvenue, Hoş Geldinez, مرحبا , Willkommen at La Orca Verde!

We are happy to see you! Most of the time you will find us outdoors. At the sea, in the forests, enjoying a lake or river in Northern Germany between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Even within the city of Kiel, our home town, there is so much beauty and magic to be discovered in urban nature.

We are striving to enable humans to thrive on and grow with nature and to get involved in conserving nature. No matter where they are from or how old they are. Just without barriers, but with lots of fun.

Ein Austernfischer und ein Junges laufen am Strand der Ostsee entlang.

What we do

Diversity is key

The diversity of nature is amazing. So is human diversity. That’s why we conceive and offer field trips, walks and workshops to enjoy and conserve nature barrier-free. So that people, no matter where they come from, what language they speak, which talents they have or how old they are, experience nature, learn about nature and enjoy conserving nature.

Blue treasures

Our earth is a blue treasure. With oceans, seas, lakes, ponds and rivers, lagoons and creeks. If you ever had the chance to look at a drop of these waters under the microscope, you will never forget that truly miraculous sight. But the dark side to it is, that so many of the waters in the world are not in a good ecological state. By polluting our oceans with plastic, by overfishing the seas and by not fighting climate change fiercely enough we really do harm the immensely precious waters of our world.

It’s our passion to inspire humans to learn about the precious and fascinating marine ecosystems. And to experience marine nature with joy and confidence that we are part of the team to protect and save the blue treasure. Being based in Kiel, our focus is the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, and we are always looking for opportunities to connect and collaborate with marine conservation and protection teams around the world.

Fostering science and society

Everyone of us loves to explore and discover something new and exciting. It’s just amazing to dig deeper, to learn from each other and to see how many small discoveries add to something bigger. Citizen Science is precisely about that: working together to learn, to enjoy exploring and sharing knowledge and to support science .

Our main focus is to support and empower children to discover science and to foster their curiosity and talents.

Nature connects us around the globe

Around the globe people are concerned about protecting nature and supporting ecosystems. Getting to know each other, connecting and learning from each other broadens horizons, inspires us and

Orcas live in all parts of the world. They love their families. That`s why we choose to carry them in our name. They symbolize perfectly what we stand for: protecting nature together around the globe.

We conceive projects and develop concepts how children and young people from different parts of the world can cooperate on projects of environmental protection and nature conservation. We love to connect them to get to know each other and their respective environment and challenges in various parts of the world. Working on something together, sharing common interests and co-creating across borders not only helps nature but it makes ourselves happy and strong.

About us

We, Angel Díaz González and Nicole Walter, deeply care about the climate, about nature and our environment. We have been teaching in environmental education for many years. Being partners from two continents we naturally look across borders and barriers. Coming both from a background as economists, we know about the crucial role we as humans play in protecting our environment and how important it is that we appreciate and respect the value of nature. As entrepreneurs and career changers we also deeply value the joy and the hardships of exploring, learning and feeling strong about one’s passion.

Needless to say that we spend as much time outdoors as we can. Be it in urban nature, at the sea, in meadows or in the forest. There has never been a day outside without surprises, little miracles and smiles on our faces.

But above all we love to play and to have fun. Learning and exploring should always be associated with pleasure and happiness. We love to get our hands dirty, be out in the water, creep along the bushes to observe birds and so much more. Feeling nature and having fun is just tied together!